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For over 100 years Saey have been manufacturing Europe’s leading cast iron stoves. SAEY have been consistently providing warmth and comfort to people’s homes since 1907 and offer a wide range of user-friendly, durable stoves. Saey stoves are very energy efficient and give you the best performance from the least amount of fuel.

Snorkel Technology

Healthy, safe and economical combustion is key. It is healthy because, using this technology, you get all the fresh oxygen needed for the combustion process from outside and not from your living area.

That is now a must in our increasingly better insulated homes and SNORKEL technology provides maximum breathing space even in the best insulated homes. It is safe because this technology excludes the back flow of flue gases and possible CO poisoning. It is economical because appliances with SNORKEL technology need not take warm air for their combustion from your living area.

Balanced Air

One button allows you to control the primary and secondary air intake. A truly ‘fool-proof’ system that ensures you the most optimal and clean combustion at any time. In combination with the post-combustion of harmful flue gases and the combustion chamber lined with vermiculite, the Balanced Air technology also ensures very low emissions and high efficiency.

Airwash technology

The SAEY airwash system makes sure that your stove’s window remains clean for a long time. Airwash technology ensures constant airflow along the window, leaving very little soot. And so, you can enjoy a beautiful view of the flames hour after hour, day after day.

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Franco Belge has over 90 years’ experience in designing and manufacturing the world’s finest stoves and are renowned for their intricate cast iron work, rugged reliability and beautiful finishes.


Air wash system

Each Franco Belge stove features a clever air wash system, ensuring maximum combustion of the fuel and perfectly clear glass.

Franco Belge stove are constructed from top grade materials and made for a lifetime of dependable service.

Exceptional efficiency

Benefitting from primary, secondary and tertiary air, each stove from Franco Belge gives you the control needed for perfect regulation of the stoves output whilst always ensuring maximum efficiency.

Top grade cast iron

Holds up to the highest temperatures, retaining heat long after the fire has expired.

Meeting the Highest Standards

For total peace of mind all Nedar Heat products are CE-approved, which means that they meet all European standards of safety, public health and consumer protection.

Our high-quality products are available via an exclusive network of retailers around the country

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Nedar Heat are the official appointed distributors of Franco Belge and Saey stoves throughout Ireland. Our high-quality products are available through an exclusive dealer network of retailers around the country.